Colonia Dignidad

This is a different kind of post.

I just finished watching Colonia, a movie from 2015, about a Chilean supported camp for the purpose of torture and imprisonment.  Internationally, not a single country actively did anything to stop this camp. Makes you wonder how much politics mean in this world. It directs my thoughts to the camps of North Korea, and to the horrifying possibilities of what might be going on that we have absolutely no idea about. On that note, remember that young American boy, the one that tried to sneak out a poster from a hotel. Is he just in one of those camps now and everyone forgot? How terrible is that!? I mean, in all other countries the punishment would vary from “Don’t do that again.” to “I fart in your general direction.” but he is just stuck in a North Korean camp, and it’s probably not a very nice one.

He was stupid to do that in North Korea, there’s no argument, but really. Everyone just forgot. His family and friends at home might never see him again. And the governments, well, they might not have forgotten but I would not bet on them to save me if I were in his shoes. About North Korea, if you want to start doing a bit of research yourself, you can use this link to get a feel for it: – Always be skeptical about what you read online and do your own research 😉

I read this story once, about a group of soldiers captured by an enemy army, they were thrown into prison camps and put in three different cells. After a while, one by one, they would be taken into an office where they would talk with an officer. He would convince them that it wasn’t so bad, that yes, they got food and access to showers, that no, their own government had not tried to safe them. Eventually, he would had them agree to this out loud, and from speakers the other soldiers would hear it. He would turn them against each other like that, from the inside, and use their statements as propaganda. If anyone knows the origin of the real story please post a link in the comment.

I don’t know where I’m going with this, just that it is utterly important to be critical about what goes on in the world. No one should be paranoid, and in all regard I would rather be ignorant and happy than well-informed and miserable. All my respect to those that work with documentaries and digging out the truth.

We are the general population, and from us many things are hidden. As Kay said in MIB (1997): “A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.” If we were told everything, there might be chaos, and it could be even worse than now. Just look at how dumb people are around the world, voting for Trump and such. If you are voting for Trump offense given, and you should really look into what he says: A hint, look a Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

I’ll to go and make lunch now, but have a great day and perhaps check out the movie?


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